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Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a growing movement in healthcare in response to the many shortcomings of our current health system. This model of healthcare delivery has been well established in our family practice colleagues and now we as pediatricians are hoping to achieve the same successes. We hope to revolutionize the way healthcare is delivered for one of our most vulnerable populations. This conference will help us achieve our goals.

JOIN US in this growing movement as we discuss all things related to the Pediatric DPC model. Mastermind groups offer a combination of exploration and instruction, peer brainstorming, accountability, and support for one another to promote the success and fulfillment that we are all looking for.

  • Discover a world of ethical, one-on-one care and treatment

  • Join a network of empowered health care professionals who care about accessibility and affordability

  • Find out why and how these doctors have chosen to cut out the middle man and their inflated insurance fees


To use a conference and CME providing event to increase awareness, create educational opportunities, and provide professional support to increase pediatric focused DPC.


To increase the number of successful pediatric DPC providers as a model to change the structure of our current healthcare system. To provide appropriate educational Opportunities.


We are looking forward to the first conference of its kind. The number of registered attendees and educational topics is very encouraging!


We have a dedicated team passionately working to make the Pediatric DPC Mastermind Conference a huge success!


We have a dedicated team passionately working to make the Pediatric DPC Mastermind Conference a huge success!


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Share your business information with current and future physician entrepreneurs. All attendees are physicians that are looking to start or have already established a practice. This is a chance to capture the attention of a specific client group that may otherwise be more difficult to obtain.

Support the Direct Primary Care movement and all that it stands for!

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It was very personable and intimate, and loved everything about it! I wouldn’t change anything!

We are so impressed with the quality of the organization and professionalism of the conference!

Weekend was a great success – could not have been better. Attendees were thrilled.

So grateful to be in this community.

It has made a big difference for me and I feel empowered and ready to take my next steps. I know it is a mountain to climb and that there will be many hard days, but now I know that I have a little family of people willing to lend me a hand to get there. And that is the way of practicing that I have been looking for. Thank you for showing me it is possible.

The event was truly outstanding and exceeded our expectations in every way.

The speakers were all incredibly knowledgeable and engaging, and we learned so much from each of them.

The networking opportunities were also invaluable, and I was able to connect with several colleagues who share my passion for pediatrics and direct primary care.


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